KitKat train tickets in Japan

Those of us who do the daily train commute to and from work, may need to lobby to get this Japanese initiative implemented here.

In an ongoing bid to rejuvenate tourism in Japan’s Iwate Prefecture following the 2011 Tohoku earthquake, the Sanriku railway network has joined forces with Nestle and started a special payment scheme that allows customers to buy packets of KitKats (for less than the cost of a standard ticket) and use this as payment for their journey.

Japan’s favourite chocolate bar, this is not the first time that Nestle and its KitKat brand have supported reconstruction projects of the Sanriku railway. After hearing that railway workers involved in the initial reconstruction projects were being given KitKat as gifts of luck and encouragement, the brand started donating around 20 US cents per chocolate bar sold to aid in ongoing reconstruction. The confectionary company has also decorated two railways stations and trains with images of cherry blossoms; a symbol of hope in Japan.

For those wanting to indulge in some chocolate inspired travel, the KitKat train tickets will be valid for travel on the network until May 2015. Now you can have a break and a KitKat!

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