Nivea's Print Ad Tracking Bracelet

Nivea Brazil have come up with a creative way to ensure that mums choose Nivea sunscreen for their children when they go to the beach. Nivea’s latest print ad comes with a detachable right side that turns it into a trackable bracelet, to help make your next trip to the beach a more enjoyable and safe one.

All you have to do is rip off the bracelet, attach it to your child’s arm, then download the companion app to your phone. Within the app you can set the maximum distance your child can wander before the alarm sounds to warn you.

The bracelet is made from humidity resistant paper meaning it can be reused and sized to fit any wrist.

There’s no doubt that this is an example of using clever technology that can be built into print advertising, but whether or not it makes parents choose to buy Nivea sunscreen or not is another thing. View the video here >

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