The Social Swipe - poster encouraging donations

Relief organisation Misereor and Hamburg-based agency Kolle Rebbe have created an innovative concept to encourage people to donate money.

The social swipe is an interactive poster that has a slit in the middle where passers by can insert and swipe down their credit card to make a donation of 2 Euros. Swiping a credit card triggers an animation sequence that shows just what that simple donation can do to help the poor and disadvantaged. Currently installed at international airports, although seamlessly executed to users, this new technology posed challenges requiring credit card authentication in a split second in order to activate the film sequence on screen.

This clever idea presented an easy and engaging way to get people involved. Then when the donors receive their credit card statements, they will see the donation included in their summary of transactions along with an option to turn their one-time donation into a monthly one by visiting a website. View the video here >

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