American Greetings 'Toughest job in the world' video

A company called Rethom Inc posted an online job listing for a ‘Director of Operations’ position and 24 applicants responded. In video chat interviews applicants were told about the unique requirements of this position - 135 plus hours a week, no breaks, ability to multi-task up to 15 projects at once, be experienced in the fields of medicine, finance and culinary arts and so on – and as you can imagine applicants soon start shaking their heads in disbelief that someone would do this job. As the video goes on, we find out that the job that the interviewer is describing is a job that billions of people around the world do…being a mum! American Greetings came up with this clever concept in the lead up to Mother’s Day, and it has since received over 15 million views in just one week! As American Greetings said “The moving and heartfelt responses to the video go hand-in-hand with what we believe Mother's Day is all about – thanking your mum for the extraordinary work that she does”. Watch the video here >

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