VH1 Argentina send a message to bullies

VH1 in Argentina attempt to tackle bullying with a comical ad aimed at its young viewers. The challenge for them was to make an ad suitable for a cool brand like VH1, but that would still get attention by young people. Rather than depict geeks as victims, they decided to reveal their true power, showing the likely outcome for both parties over the course of their lives. Featuring school aged misfits and geeks being bullied by their peers, along with the disco class ‘I will survive’, this ad has brought a complex topic out into the spotlight. There are however concerns that the message isn’t right. Does it encourage today’s victims to be tomorrow’s oppressors? Does it encourage victims to put up with this behaviour in the hope that they can turn the tables in the future? Maybe if we look at it from the other perspective, it has the potential to speak directly to the bullies themselves (who are the ‘cool’ kids that watch VH1). View the ad here >

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