The Power of Scent Advertising

We have all known for a while how powerful the use of scent in advertising and marketing is. A scent can generate an emotional feeling or have a memory attached to it, and it can affect us subtly without us even knowing it. Last week Coles Supermarket reminded us of the power of using scent in advertising, using innovative publishing technology to entice customers to try their new range of Heston’s Lemon Myrtle Hot Cross Buns. The scent of lemon myrtle and ginger rose off the pages of newspapers, giving customers a hint of the new Heston for Coles range, even before they’ve stepped inside the store. The aromatic advertisement featured notes of lemon myrtle and orange with undertones of spicy ginger. And while scented print ads are not new - we know that perfumes have been using this tactic for decades – using it for a food product launch such as this is very clever. In a retail environment, smell can entice customers to stay longer, shop longer and purchase more. High-end hotels are branding signature scents to influence the guests’ perception of their experience. Thompson Hotels in the US infuse their hotels with their custom ‘Velvet’ scent, which conveys hints of leather, tobacco, cedarwood and patchouli, all designed to portray an asthetic of casual luxury. They then sell these scents as bottled frangrances and candles to guests so that they can take their hotel experience home, extending their brand experience and allowing them to develop an emotional connection to the hotel’s scent. Now let’s look at scent from a different angle. A slightly different approach from Original Source shower gels, who’ve created a series of ‘Audio Showers’ for their new range of shower gel products in the UK. The showers explore the idea of what smells sound like by creating 3D soundscapes for their limited edition range.They allow listeners to ‘trial’ the shower gels, through a virtual audio shower experience. Close your eyes, plug in your headphones, and let us know what you think. View the Mandarin & Basil video > View the Purple Ginger video > View the Raspberry & Coca video >

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