Audi's Test Drive Cube

For a luxury car brand, how they attract the right clientele to test drive their cars is a challenge. A direct mail letter with a personal invitation to come in for a test drive has been done before, and in reality, it lack emotion and exclusiveness. Audi have come up with a clever way to ensure that their prospective customer takes notice of what they have to offer, with their ‘Test Drive Cubes’ for the Audi A8. 50 potential Audi buyers in Holland were sent these Test Drive Cubes. The design of the Cube itself is sleek, premium and a sophisticated piece of communication representing the brand values. On receiving the package, all they need to do is push the start/stop button and trigger the countdown to begin the test drive. The Cube is powered by GPS and sends an SMS to Audi local dealership with location details. The countdown lasts for 90 minutes, at the end of which the Audi A8 arrives at the prospect’s location and customers then have 24 hours to take the test drive. Very cool! Watch the video >

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