Snickers creates local adaption to global theme

Snickers is continuing with its ‘you’re not you when you’re hungry’ campaign, with a new TV ad and online ad. The challenge for Snickers was how to create a local adaptation of the global theme. In the online ad, they recruited a group of actors posing as construction workers to stage a candid camera-style experiment to demonstrate the slogan. The group heckled passers by from a building site in central Melbourne but instead of the usual stereotypical comments, they shouted out empowering compliments including: “You want to hear a dirty word? Gender bias”, “A woman’s place is where she chooses”, and “What do we want, equality, what don’t we want, misogyny”. The TV ad uses the same tagline, but follows a theme we saw with the Betty White ads in the US. In the Australian version, Home & Away actor Ray Meagher features as the angry alter ego of a hungry trail bike rider. View the Snickers Online ad here > View the Snickers TV ad here >


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