Muppets pop up in advertising everywhere

I’m not sure I understand why brands that are targeting adults feel that using puppets in their advertising is a good idea. In the last 2 months three ads have surfaced featuring The Muppets! But what does selling cars, tea and perfume have to do with a group of brightly coloured felt puppets? I am guessing that it’s not a coincidence that the new Muppets movie is about to be released. But really, these brands are gambling on the fact that their ads are not going to do long term damage to their brands. I can see that the inclusion of Muppets adds an element of humour (which we know is an important element in effective advertising), but is it going to help these ads cut-through? And will it strengthen feelings towards the brand? Have a look at the ads and let us know what you think! View the Toyota Highlander 'Muppets' Super Bowl ad > View the 'Be more tea with Lipton' Muppets ad > View the Miss Piggy 'Moi' ad >

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