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Delivering Good Feelings

February 19, 2014

Can you remember the warm, fuzzy feeling you used to get when an actual letter arrived in the mail? A postcard from Grandma and Grandpa as they travelled around Australia? A birthday card from your pen pal in America? So exciting!

With Skype, facetime (?) and even humble sms, those old fashioned letter box moments are all but gone, but we’ve noticed a few brands thinking about how they can bring the personal touch to letters and delivery once again.

Australia Post launched their Video Stamp, a neat QR code on Express Post packages, where the sender can record a 15 second video to go along with their parcel – cute and simple and sure go give the warm and fuzzies. Take a look at the ad here.

Watch the Australia Post ad >

Telstra have also given us a look into the future with their ‘send and see’ campaign. In these videos, the delivery driver has a tiny camera in his glasses, which records a video that is downloaded and forwarded to the sender, so they can see the reaction to their gift. Also very sweet.

Watch the Telstra 'Send and see' ad >

Would you use either of these? We can see some possible pitfalls if the reaction to your dozen red roses is not the one you were after!

Author: Nikki Howlett
Nikki's LinkedIn Profile >

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