Happy Valentine's Day - Live, Laugh, Love & Be Happy

Happy Valentine’s Day! We know that love and feelings are so important in advertising and for building brands. While we wait for our flowers, chocolates and cards to arrive, we thought we would celebrate the universal day of love and happiness by sharing some of the best Valentine’s ads from around the world.To get you into the spirit have a look at this sweet and heartwarming video giving you a kid’s perspective on Love & Valentine’s Day. We agree with these kids that love means ‘Happy’, ‘Sparkly’, ‘Chocolate’ & ‘Pretty things’! Watch the video here >

The Valentine’s Day ads that got our attention Valentine’s Day is big business for brands. It is an opportunity for brands to make their customers feel special and show that they care. As you will see, many of them are simply focused on putting a smile on your face! Always a good place to start! To start off here is a beautiful Valentine's Day ad from Schwarzkopf > Have a look at Coca Cola’s ‘Love is in the air’ ad >

It’s amazing how Google have turned a search engine into a romantic love story in this ad called ‘Parisian Love’ from a few years back. View the ad here >

Happy Valentine’s Day! Have fun and remember that life is short, so love lots of things, laugh uncontrollably and always eat the chocolate first! Love Luma

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