SodaStream's Scarlett Johansson Super Bowl ad banned

Is Scarlett Johansson too sexy for SodaStream’s Super Bowl ad? This ad has been banned by Fox – but not for the reason’s you might think. According to reports, it is the end line ‘Sorry, Coke and Pepsi’ that has Fox scared.

SodaStream went with a similar direction with it’s Super Bowl ad for 2013 (also banned). So this begs the question, is it all done just to get a bit more attention? A banned ad is always going to get some hype (not to mention a lot of media coverage) in the lead up to the big game, and maybe that’s exactly what SodaStream wanted. They get the attention, millions of views online, but without having to pay the millions of dollars for their 30 second spot to air. View the SodaStream Scarlett Johansson 2014 Super Bowl ad > View last year's banned SodaStream ad > Author: Zoe Manderson Zoe's Google + profile Zoe's LinkedIn profile

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