Do Sunscreen brands need to advertise?

We all survived through Melbourne’s heatwave and obviously ice creams and slurpees helped me through it, but with more hot weather to come, what else do we need? Well, what about sunscreen? I hadn’t seen any ads on tv, and for a minute, I couldn’t think of any either. And then… do do doo doop .. Banana Boat.. do do doo doop.. But besides Banana Boat, can you think of any others? I did see the Anti-Cancer Council at the tennis and thought that was appropriate. But generally, do sunscreen brands not feel the need to advertise? Surely with the amount of cosmetic and beauty ads on TV, there must be demand for sunscreen? And then the next question begs, how can we make an emotional ad about sunscreen. Or perhaps they’ve all just decided that we’ll be too busy at the beach and won’t be watching their ads. What do you think? Here's a Banana Boat ad from a few months back > Watch a recent ad for Invisible Zinc > Author: Anna Nguyen Anna's LinkedIn Profile >

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