Innovative Campaigns from 2013

A look back at some of the more innovative and creative campaigns from 2013.

Interactive print ads that change colour

Motorola’s latest print ad for Moto X uses polycarbonate paper and LED light pipes to give you control over the colour of the phone in the ad simply by pressing the coloured tabs at the bottom of the ad.

View the video >

A bug trap billboard

A billboard was turned into a giant insect trap in a fun campaign for insecticide brand Orphea in Italy.

View the video here >

Ads that only appear to children

An outdoor advertising campaign in Spain used a technique called lenticular printing to create posters that display different images depending on the angle it is viewed from. Anyone over 4’5” see a poster with a normal child and the slogan ‘Sometimes child abuse is only visible to the child suffering it.’ When viewed from the height of an average 10 year old however, the poster shows bruises on their face, a hotline number and the message ‘if someone hurts you, phone us and we’ll help you.’

Temperature activated campaign

A Stella Artois Cibre outdoor ad only appears when there is a 2 degree rise in the temperature above the national average.

Ads that interact with planes

We brought you this article a few months back, but it makes it make here for one of the more innovative campaigns of 2013!

View here >

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