Westjet pull off an epic Xmas stunt

Every year a brand or company manages to make that special transition turning what may be an ordinary PR or marketing stunt into something much more meaningful.

Enlisting the help of PR agency Mosaic, Canadian budget airline Westjet granted travellers their Christmas wishes in a carefully crafted operation that began at the point of departure and ended at the baggage carousel.

Arriving at their departure gates bound for a trip to Calgary, passengers at two different local airports, Toronto and Hamilton, were invited to tell Santa (through the magic of an interactive booth) what they wanted for Christmas. What they didn’t know was that Santa had a team of Westjet elves who were working behind the scenes to carefully note each passengers name and their desired gift.

The real work began when passengers departed on both flights as over 150 WestJet employees made a mad dash to local retail stores to buy all the requested gifts. The work continued as they were all brought back to the Calgary airport with the employees scrambling to wrap and label each gift. Socks and underwear, a snowboard, camera and even a big screen TV, all beautifully wrapped were just some of the gifts that awaited shocked passengers who had expected another ordinary baggage pickup.

With over 11 million views, this video definitely made us smile!

Watch the video >

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