The Dark Side of Australia

Previously we have looked at the strategies advertisers use to communicate serious or sensitive issues. There are mixed opinions as to whether adding humour is effective, or whether shock tactics are the most persuasive strategy. An ad launched today, for domestic violence, seems to push the boundaries even more. It's not that it is a controversial ad, it is how subtle it is. You would be mistaken for thinking you are watching a tourism ad, one after the other, gorgeous imagery flashes up, making you feel all warm and fuzzy (I was already booking a trip to Broome in my head). How wrong I was. And then you realise it's not Australia's best kept secrets they are plugging, it's Australia's darkest secrets, domestic violence. I am in two minds about the effectiveness of this kind of campaign. From one perspective it draws you in, and then then shakes you midway. Making you realise that there are many awful things that occur around us everyday that we should be aware of (and we're not). However the other perspective is that it is so subtle that for the majority of people that watch it, unless you are listening to every word, you may not every realise what the ad is about. Or if you do realise, the visuals are not shocking enough to cause you distress. What do you think?

Check out the White Ribbon ad here >

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