Samsung's the 'Smart' phone line

Are you an iphone devotee or a have you made the switch and now call yourself a Samsung fan?

Samsung felt that the launch of their S4 model would ‘revolutionise’ the market, but, with their competitors making similar launch claims and fearing that they didn’t have enough tech credibility under their belt, the brand decided on a fan driven launch. How? Recruiting through Facebook and Twitter, Samsung got their fans to stand in a virtual line. But this was no ordinary queue, as fans were given the opportunity to move further up the line. Everyday Samsung would release new details on the phone’s product features, the job of the fans in the queue was to share them through their social networks. Then it was all up to the power of their social network. The more the people in their network tweeted and liked, the further up the Samsung line their friends moved.

Take a look….. View the video >>

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