Connoisseur Indulges the Senses

Kangaroo Island, Murray River, scenes of a tranquil river, a woman in the forest, vanilla beans.. for a few seconds, I could have sworn I was watching an ad for Tourism Australia, playing on my love of food and travel. But not this time, it was Connoisseur’s new ice creams on sticks. Rather than focus on the chocolate or cream as you so often see in these types of ads, this one uses stunning visuals of some of our regional foodie destinations. Is this the new direction for ice cream? Of course it had its token scenes of swirling cream, dipped into a pool of chocolate and covered in nuts, but ‘Madagascan’ Vanilla and ‘Sumatran’ Coconut are much more mouth watering than plain vanilla. It clearly showed Connoisseur as indulgent, tasty, gourmet and premium. Looking at other ice cream ads, its not uncommon to see fun, playful, sunny images, or even sophistication like in the Magnum ads. So how else can you stand out when everyone aims to look appetizing? Well, what about being cool… Check out New Zealand’s Kapiti Designer ice cream. Or what about Federici’s provocative and controversial take using nuns and priests? I’ll let you judge for yourself… But it did make me think, what makes you run to the store? Is there a distinction between premium, gourmet, indulgent, designer? Find out how the ad rated - View the Connoisseur Case Study > Update: After watching the Connoisseur ad, many of us in the office couldn’t resist the urge to try the new flavours. Murray River Salted Caramel was the number one pick but I couldn’t resist and had to grab Kangaroo Island Pistachio with Honey as well. The verdict… we’re upping our 7-min workouts! View the Connoisseur 'Thrill of the Taste' ad >> View the Magnum Ice Cream ad >> View the Federici ads >> (Warning: Ads may offend some viewers) View the Kapiti ice cream ads >>

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