Powerful Ads That Tap Into Human Emotions - TED Ads Worth Spreading Winners

TED, the non-profit organisation known for being the global platform for showcasing ‘ideas worth spreading’ has another little known initiative called ‘Ads worth spreading’. The concept was to reward innovation, and intelligence in advertising. More powerful than that, they wanted to recognise ads that could reset someone’s worldview and even begin a domino effect as they pass it on to friends. TED realise that advertising now sells something less tangible, but still very powerful: Coke is about happiness; Ram Trucks embodies resilience; Expedia offers (personal) journeys. They can see that ads have become more adept to tapping into human emotions, more storytelling, blurring the lines between traditional advertising and documentary style entertainment. Here are this year’s 10 winning ads. And while you may have seen some of these already, it’s nice to view them in this context. As one of the TED judges said “It’s all the stuff that makes the world go around: human moments, human myths, transcending our limits, transcending our prejudices, rediscovering ourselves, laughing at ourselves and believing in our dreams.” Enjoy! Coca Cola ‘Security Cameras’ Security cameras around the world capture the lowest moments in human behaviour, but they also capture some of the most beautiful. View the Coke ad here » Expedia ‘Find your understanding’ Travel can take you out of your comfort zone and change your perspective. In this ad Artie takes a journey that will test him and change him in unexpected ways. View the Expedia ad here » Dodge Ram Trucks ‘Farmer’ …so God made a farmer View the Dodge ad here » GSK ‘The Crowd’ Experience the adrenaline rush of an athlete on a global stage whose drug of choice is the crowd. View the GSK ad here » The Guardian ‘Three Little Pigs’ How would a 24 hour press cycle and social media change a story? View the Guardian ad here » Rainforest Alliance ‘Follow the frog’ So you want to save a rainforest, here are your options! View the Rainforest Alliance ad here » Channel 4 ‘Meet the superhumans’ We all have obstacles to overcome, but some people don’t let anything get in their way. View the Channel 4 ad here » Dell ‘Annie’ Bringing dreams to life, showing that where there’s a will, there’s a way. View the Channel 4 ad here » Metro Trains ‘Dumb ways to die’ Ignoring safety warnings around trains is the dumbest way to die. View the Metro Trains ad here » TNT ‘Daily dose of drama’ A real life dose of drama brought to your by TNT View the TNT ad here » Author: Zoe Manderson Zoe's Google+ Profile Zoe's LinkedIn Profile

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