Healthy Men. Healthy Choice.

There is a new ad on TV that has caught my attention. It is the McCain Healthy Choice ad. I noticed it as it doesn’t fit with the standard advertising we have come to see for Healthy Choice. And also because it is one of the few ads that targets men’s insecurities.

Usually the Healthy Choice ads focus on young single females. They show a twenty something woman returning home late from work or sports training and warming up a Healthy Choice meal in the microwave. They typically end with the young girl talking on the phone with her mother, father or fiend saying “are you looking after yourself?”. They are caring, soft & feminine and leave behind a feeling that women should watch what they eat.

This latest ad contains high viz workwear, laugh out loud humour, hot tradies (well at least one) & six packs (albeit, fake ones!). It has the same setting you would expect to see for a fast food ad like for Subway or Hungry Jacks. A group of tradies sitting around the work site having lunch together discussing what they are eating & drinking. You could even mistake it for a VB ad. But no, it is none of those. It is about men eating healthily. Really?

Obviously McCain are broadening the appeal of their range to now also target men. This ad fits all the stereotypes you would expect to see for an ad targeted at men. But after watching it a few times, it makes me wonder whether it is targeted at men or at their partners. Especially as the lead male in the ad, the one eating the Healthy Choice meal, is quite hot (in case you hadn’t noticed). So, it makes me question, is the ad encouraging men to buy Healthy Choice and making this sort of healthier meal choice acceptable in the workplace? Or is it targeted at woman who want to have a healthier and hotter looking man!?

The food does look tasty. And I guess that is what it is all about. We know that taste appeal is one of the key drivers of purchase intent in food ads. I’m wishing that the tech heads in the Silicon Valley would continue their work on Smellovision just so we can get that extra sensory hit while watching these sorts of food ads (well they solved the video phone, just need to get the flying car sorted and we will have arrived in the future!) View the Health Choice ad >>

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