Adidas Offers Runners a Boost

Adidas claim their new running shoe, created with unique mid-sole technology, returns energy to the runner more effectively than any other, giving the user a much needed boost. Keen to demonstrate the feeling of the boost to 25,000 runners and spectators (in a way that went beyond the traditional marketing campaign), Adidas developed an installation at the International Santiago Marathon in Chile, and gave runners a boost when they needed it most. The brand built a walkway at the marathon entrance that was made from power absorbing tiles. The footsteps of each person who walked along the walkway were recorded and displayed as an energy figure, while the runners themselves had their bib’s embedded with timing chips. As each runner entered the last kilometre of the race, a personalised message from a friend or family member was displayed on a giant screen (that was itself powered by the energy of people’s footsteps) giving the runner an ‘emotional boost’ over the line. An ambient idea that gave Adidas the opportunity to create an emotional link between a life experience and their new product.

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