Tourism Ads go Cinematic

When the new ad for the Barossa Valley first aired I recall the person I was with at the time describing it as ‘playful’, ‘warm’ and ‘inviting’, and personally, all my amazing memories of my first visit to the Barossa Valley came flooding back. The moody Nick Cave music combined with the dramatic and stunning imagery make for a cinematic piece that made me want to go back there.

The similarities between this campaign and the Kangaroo Island ‘Let Yourself Go’ campaign of 2012 are obvious (and they were created by the same team), however it is no mistake that they have used a similar style again (because it was so effective for driving new visitors to Kangaroo Island in 2012).

Across the strait, the new Tourism Tasmania ‘Behind the scenery’ campaign appears to take inspiration from the whimsical and mystical style of the Tourism Victoria’s ‘Play Melbourne’ campaign from 2011. Focusing on encouraging visitors to uncover the states hidden secrets (rather than its known natural beauty), this campaign attempts to put Tasmania on the map for art, culture, food & wine.

Check out the ads below and see what you think! View the Barossa 'Be Consumed' ad here >>

View the Kangaroo Island 'Let Yourself Go' ad here >> View the Tourism Tasmania 'Go Behind the Scenery' ad >> View the Tourism Victoria 'Play Melbourne' ad >> Author: Zoe Manderson Zoe's Google+ Profile Zoe's LinkedIn Profile

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