Experts in Brand & Communications Research

We have thirty years' of experience which we use to provide clear and actionable  insights to our clients.

We work with clients all over the world to help them create advertising to grow their brands. We have conducted over 8500 projects in over 50 countries. This vast experience helps us to know the best questions to ask and how to uncover rich and actionable insights. We work across a wide range of industries - over 350 - both public and private sector. We draw on this experience, along with the primary research data to ensure our clients receive the best service and valuable insights.


We innovate and make use of the latest technology - including facial coding, eye tracking, real-time consumer video feedback and ad replacement technology. These tools help to uncover the implicit responses and add an extra layer of understanding to our research.


Luma has worked across a large variety of industries. Each client adds a new experience to our already extensive database. The case studies below feature client testimonials from a number of brands and provide an insight into our client work and relationships.


250 Projects


250 Projects

Sports & Entertainment

Alcoholic Bevarages

250 Projects


250 Projects



250 Projects

Public Services


250 Projects


250 Projects

Public Transport


Exploratory & Strategic Research

Understanding your audience and their behaviour. 

Finding the insight to base your organising idea upon. 


Pre & Post Launch


Measuring Effectiveness

How effective is the campaign? Has it achieved the desired objectives? What is the brand impact?


Concept benchmarking & Optimisation

Evaluating different creative ideas.

Find which one offers the most potential. How can it be optimised? What will the potential brand impact be?