Banking and Finance Case Study


In 2018, we pre-tested a brand ad for a major Australian bank to maximise the ads effectiveness. Our insights optimised the creative to ensure high ROI and maximum impact. During the 2020 pandemic, the bank wanted to maintain a presence on the market even with cut marketing budgets by repurposing their previous ad. We re-tested the ad to see if it would still work in the new economic climate.

We re-tested the same ad to see whether consumer attitudes had changed. We included insights from our 2020 pandemic and recession study which has analysed trends and consumer behaviours from our database of 8000+ ads from over 50 countries.

We found the ad was just as effective despite being repurposed. We found top-of-mind to be performing particularly strong and the Banks key message came across well. The tone suited the current consumer climate and the message was received well by consumers.

"As usual, both you and Luma have excelled yourselves at helping out under tight timeframes. Thanks so much to you, and please pass on our thanks to our friendly and efficient Luma team!" - Marketing Manager